Meet Our Team



Julia Maass

Photographer & Idealist

Julia is a nature-loving, coffee enthusiast who loves to be in the outdoors on a spontaneous adventure. She was born and raised in Japan and moved to the United States when she was fifteen (Ask her anything about Japanese food and she will have an answer!). When she is not photographing baristas at coffee shops, she is either enjoying running at local parks, hiking and photographing in the wilderness, or watching independent films at a local theater. Being left-handed, Julia always thought visually and this quality sparked her inner-artist when she was at a young age. Her passion for photography blossomed when she was in middle school when her parents bought her first point-and-shoot. Soon after her high school graduation, she decided to pursue her dream as a photographer, and received a Bachelor's Degree in Photography. Since then, she has been a part of the team at Luminis.


Evan Melchior


Evan's passion for photography originated from his appreciation for videography. Purchasing his first DSLR camera shortly before making the move from Wisconsin to California, he admired the idea of capturing the greatest moments in life and having the quality images of those times to forever look back on. While working as a videographer/editor for a production company in Santa Barbara, his interest in photography grew as he would spend weekends at the beach, or hiking in the mountains, snapping photos of friends and the stunning scenery that California's central coast offers. When not in the studio, Evan enjoys his attempt to complete his checklist of attending a game at every professional sports stadium in California.


Katie Jarman

Digital Artist & Media Coordinator

Katie's first experiences with photography was going on camping trips with her father & brothers, hiking around & taking panoramic photos of the beautiful southern Utah landscapes. Her love of nature and photography have always gone hand in hand. Since then, she's expanded into commercial photography, graphic design, and other creative mediums. She's been doing creative design work for many years, covering everything from book illustrations, to hand lettering & everything in-between. When Katie's not in the studio, you can find her grubbing around in the garden, or off on an adventure with people she loves. She enjoys fresh cooking, art, live music, and enjoying nature.



Conner Thomson

Assistant Editor

Conner was one of the first members of the Luminis team. He started as an intern while still a High School student. He was taught the business and editing skills over the years of commitment and persistence. Presently he is attending college, however he can still be found helping the team out between his school breaks. When not studying or editing, he enjoys kayaking in the ocean and driving his Jeep across Northern California.