Paula Volpe-Willis

Paula Volpe-Willis is a professional freelance makeup artist since 2005. Her work can be seen all over California in magazines, on the internet and down the runway. She has also worked for makeup counters such as Mac Cosmetics as a full-time artist and as a contracted freelancer. Paula worked as a Key Artist for Sacramento Fashion Week since 2013. As a Key Artist, she had the greater responsibility of creating makeup looks for her assigned designers. She worked very closely with the designers to create one of a kind makeup looks. Paula also was responsible for a team of makeup artists to make sure all looks were cohesive and properly executed. Paula has worked with several photographers all over Northern California. She is well versed in a variety of makeup applications ranging from Maternity, Senior Portraits, Fashion and Boudoir. Her aesthetic of makeup application can be described as very clean, soft, perfectly executed yet with an artist touch. Paula's level of creativity and perfection truly emanates through each of her clients; whether that person may be a professional mode, mother to be or a young women - Paula's makeup work truly makes her clients inner beauty radiate outward. She not only makes her clients look beautiful, but more importantly, feel beautiful as well.


Paula's Work