Styling for Quality

Selecting the perfect outfits for your photo shoot can be a bit overwhelming, especially for an entire family! We are here to make that easy for you. We will collaborate with you and make suggestions for your color palette, outfits, hair & make up, and any additional styling needed for your session.


Make-up & Hair Styling

If you really want to treat yourself, our trusted hair and makeup team will make you feel more confident than ever -- highlighting your natural beauty.  Paula Volpe-Willis not only understand the art of hair and makeup but understand photography, lighting, and what it takes to create a finessed and beautiful image. Let their love for what they do shine through in your photos and make you feel like a star!


What to Wear For Your Photography Session


Olive Green & Neutral Colors

Classic, classic, classic. You can't go wrong with jeans & t-shirts. Keep the colors neutral, and throw in a statement color with jackets, jewelry, hats, or scarves. Think of what your family would wear everyday, and adjust the color palette to work well together. This look is great!