The Fairest One Of All

We've had a lot of birthdays around here! Little miss Gabriella is celebrating her 3rd birthday with a Snow White themed Birthday party and her Mom wanted these pictures for her party invitation. This little social butterfly is the cutest Snow White we've ever seen :)  It's so much fun to do themed shoots and Gabriella was definitely willing to play the part! I mean, what 3 year old girl doesn't like to get dressed up and play a princess for the day?! She's such a natural in front of the camera, as her family has been coming to XSiGHT for years; but one of the most memorable parts of the shoot, and one of her tricks for that effortless smile, was to say "Nasty!" before we took the shot! It was pretty hilarious and it worked! We've got to remember that for our next kids session! Happy 3rd Birthday Gabriella! We hope you have a wonderful party!  

50th Birthday Garden Party

We're so XSiGHTed to share some images from this beautiful garden party to celebrate MaryAnne's 50th Birthday! We loved everything about this evening from the decor, to the pet chicken, to the fact that the birthday girl insisted on being barefoot to be in her element. Photos from her life were placed on the dinner tables and the flowers that adorned the space were from a local garden that already intended to cut them down. To keep with the organic feel, her guests wrote a nice message on a river rock to be placed in her own garden along with the lavender that she plans to replant. The overall feeling of the evening was fresh, whimsical, homey, and full of love. Her close group of family and friends laughed and shared memories all evening over amazing food and local wine. It truly was a beautiful way to celebrate 50 years of life and welcome 50 more :)  Happy Birthday MaryAnne!