Neutrals with casual pants

This is our go-to with family outfits. Choose a great neutral color like a grey or blue, and dress the family in varying shades of it. The family on the right does this perfectly, with them all in dusty blue or grey shirts and dark pants. It makes the image easy on your eyes, and focuses more on the faces, which is what family portraits is all about!


simple, Coordinating patterns

We're normally against patterns on outfits, but in some instances it works. The photo on the left features a great print on the moms dress, with a simple monochromatic gingham on the boy & the dad's tie. The photo on the right works only because of the limited color palette. We love the plaid poncho and the striped scarf. If these were colorful, it probably would be too busy.


one statement color

Choose one brighter color to stand out in the photo. Keep the rest of the clothes neutral colors, and choose one to use throughout. The family on the left chose a yellow as their statement color. You can see it in her dress as well as the husbands shirt. The photo on the right has maroon as the stand out color, with the more neutral blues and tans as the base colors.

Formal attire

We love it when people dress up! Choose a base color for the guys' suits, and one accent color. The accent colors here are maroon on the left & royal blue on the right. You can also use a neutral color like white, cream, or tan to mix in so it doesn't get too colorful & overpowering. These families look amazing!