a solid colored dress

Nothing shows off your belly better than a solid colored dress. We love the lace details on the dress on the right, it's so feminine & soft. Solid colors are less distracting, and makes it easier to focus on your face and belly.


Floral prints

We love florals! What a perfect symbol of femininity and motherhood. We love matching florals with soft & flowing fabrics, as floral prints can be pretty distracting. The photo on the right is a perfect example of implementing florals. She wore a solid colored dress with a light floral shawl over the top. Still accentuates the belly, and adds that super feminine touch.


Neutrals & COORDINATING outfit changes

This is important especially if you're planning on creating a book with your images. Using cohesive colors will really help make the images a 'set'. Plan even further ahead, and match colors to what you're envisioning for your newborn session. With coordinating outfit changes, you get a various looks within your photo session.