Solid colors with a minimal print

Solid colors are less distracting, drawing your eyes to the faces of the people in the photo instead of the outfits. We recommend grey, light blues, navy, tan, and jeans for main colors. Throw in a minimal print like stripes on one of the family members to change things up.

Another thing to keep in mind is SHOES! Always make sure the shoes for your kids (and husbands) are looking good. Clients number one regret with outfits is not having coordinating shoes. We love what they did on the right, the siblings shoes match and coordinate each others outfits perfectly! We love it!



Simple accessories make all the difference! Whether it's a headband, bowtie or suspenders, it adds just a little something extra.

Jazz it up

Basic neutral outfits are great! What's even better is taking it to the next level with just a little extra. In this case, they added a cute jean jacket over an otherwise simple dress. On the right, they added some adorable striped suspenders that just adds that little something extra.